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8 years of beauty experience in Japan and more than 15 years of beauty experience in the United States. She is specialized in cut and perm styles that bring out femininity.Her smiles, that have the power to make people around her happy, are very popular with both staff and customers!


She has been a successful stylist for the last 10 years. She specializes in the dry cut.She helps customers find a look that fits their style and needs. Her cuts are easy to manage and take care of. She is so knowledgeable about everything hair related. If you are worried about your hair or scalp, Hiromi is the person to ask. In addition to having a vast amount of hair knowledge, Sato is kind-hearted and easy to talk to, making appointments with her more than just a haircut.


12 years of experience as a beautician. After gaining experience as a stylist in Japan, she also worked in London. In Japan, she was also involved in training young beauticians. She is well-liked by the customers for her excellent head spas, with her ability to suit each customer with a good cut and a relaxing head massage.


Over 10 years experience as a hairstylist. She is specialized in hair straightening (learned from the “master”) and balayages. She is particularly good at layering and bob styles. Feel free to ask her if you have any hair problems, she will give you good advice!


Whether you want more volume or straighter hair, Constantine can provide the style that you want.Not only will your hair look good but it will look healthier and glossier.Come for a cut or just a Shampoo and blow out.You will be sure to have a great experience.Constantine’s friendly atmosphere attracts customers of all ages.He’s more than just a stylist, for many he’s a friend.


She has 10 years of beauty experience in Japan and 20 years in the United States. With many years of experience dealing with various hair qualities, she can provide haircuts that can ease your worries, as well as hair advice and haircuts that are easy to style even with low maintenance.


10 years of experience as a beautician. After gaining experience in Japan, he also worked at the East Village. His specialty is short style, but he will propose other styles that suit your lifestyle and face, so please feel free to contact him.